The Impact of Sports Betting on New Jersey’s Hospitality Industry

Austin Pirrello discusses the positive impact that the legalization of sports betting in New Jersey has had on the bars and restaurants in the state.

Legalizing sports betting in New Jersey is a step in the right direction in helping boost the revenue of bars and restaurants. Generally, sports and bars go hand in hand with each other and help increase the sales of one another. For example, Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the more popular and successful sports bars in the industry, who have recently partnered with BetMGM Sportsbook, which they believe will have a positive effect on sales. When there is a major fight or game happening, places such as Buffalo Wild Wings typically promote that which helps them attract customers.

Allowing sports betting in New Jersey can only add to the number of people that attend sports bars because of the massive target audience of customers that bet on sports. Typically, without sports betting, on a normal game day, most people that go to the bars are local fans that want to get together with other fans and watch their local teams. This would essentially limit the amount of people that attend the bar because, without betting, other sports fans would only care to watch the games of the teams that they root for.

Allowing people to bet on any sport incentivizes people to watch and care about a game or match that they may have not been interested in before hand. Whenever there is money on the line in any circumstance, people generally show more interest in what they have their money on. With that being said, this allows customers to bet on sports and then engage in what they bet on with other fans at the bar. When at a sports bar, not everyone there is going to be a fan of the same teams, but everyone will share the same love for sports as well as making money.

Sports betting allows people with a passion for sports to use the knowledge that they have in order to try to make money. Also, people at sports bars who bet on the same game are now given the opportunity to have something to bond over. Basically, allowing sports betting gives sports fans that may not share a fandom for the same team a chance to share something in common.

Also, sports betting will make the overall atmosphere of a sports bar more exciting with people who have money on the line watching the game with a high intensity. Sports bars typically have numerous television screens in various locations in order to show as many different games as possible. This is why sports betting can be so impactful to bars because of their capability to play a lot of different games at the same time. When there are so many games going on at once, especially on an NFL football Sunday, it only makes sense to allow people to bet on them and add to the excitement of watching it at the bar with other fellow sports fans. Even something as small as a prop bet on a specific player, can have the entire bar ecstatic because of sports betting.

Essentially, legalizing sports betting in New Jersey is a major victory for bars all over the state. Going to the bar for a night out and the ability to bet on any game and watch it with the intensity of knowing that money is involved is any sports fans dream. Not only can someone with a vast knowledge for sports make money from sports betting, but having the ability to bond with other sports fans at the bar and share your love for sports in the form of betting is a huge plus for sports fans.

From the perspective of the bars, these fans rushing in to bet on sports and watch the games while also spending money on food and drinks at the bar is an astronomical win in the pockets of New Jersey sports bars. 

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