Free Bets

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Top Free Bets for 2020

Free Bets are usually tokens given out by Sportsbooks in order to entice players to join their sportsbook, or as a reward for loyalty and continued play. Normally a Free Bet will come with terms and conditions and it is important to be aware of these before accepting a Free Bet Bonus.

Every Sportsbook will have its own unique Free Bet available to its new, and sometimes existing, customers. Even within each Sportsbook, the Free Bet type and value available might vary from state to state.

Free Bets are often very easy to obtain. Usually, all you have to do is click a link to your Sportsbook and Free Bet of choice, or enter a promo code given to you by the sportsbook. Promo codes are usually entered during the registration process or on the deposit screen as a new customer.

Different Types of Free Bet

Risk Free Bet

A Risk Free Bet is a Free Bet where you cannot lose. This is most often given on the sportsbook side but it can also refer to Casino Games such as Blackjack or Roulette.

Usually a Risk Free Bet requires the player to play with their own cash funds and then if they lose their wager, their money is refunded in the form of Cash or a Free Bet token.

It is always worth being aware that if a Risk Free Bet is refunded as a Free Bet token then the Free Bet token will require to be wagered in order to become withdrawable cash. Even at 1x Wagering this means that you may need to win your Free Bet in order to return your balance to what it was before you accepted the Risk Free Bet.

Deposit Match

This type of free bet offered by the Sportsbooks is very common. When you make a first deposit at the online sportsbook, if a ‘Deposit Match’ is being offered, then the sportsbook will give you a Free Bet up to the value of that first deposit you make. Deposit Matches are usually capped at $250 or $500, but it varies depending on the sportsbook you are registering an account at.

Technically, a deposit match has an element of ‘Risk Free’ gambling, as you are being given a free bonus to use on whatever sports market you wish.

No Deposit Free Bet

No deposit free bets are something that a lot of people look for. They are the ‘something for nothing’ type of offer. These won’t be the biggest offers you see available in terms of monetary value, but you don’t have to do anything to get them, which makes them very valuable to sports bettors. This type of Free Bet is also known as ‘Free Cash’ or a ‘No Deposit Bonus’.

The fact that you don’t need to even make a deposit to obtain this type of Free Bet makes it both convenient and attractive to new customers at the online sportsbook.